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Excellent results are obtained with Novogel due to the cool, soothing effect The glycerine keeps the skin soft and moist making dressing changes easier and more comfortable. 

Novogel withdraws oedema, gives pain relief and restores the skin condition-this prevents the interruption of radiation

treatment which might be necessary when a severe skin reaction is experienced.

Skin disorders or lesions induced by radiotherapy can be treated effectively with novogel, because the glycerine has a modulating effect on the accompanying inflammation reaction.” (radiation induced skin disorders, Hans Hoekstra, Burns Research Institute, Beverwijk, the Netherlands,)

There are several advantages to using a glycerine sheet dressing as opposed to the available dressings.

Due to the high content of glycerine in the dressing the surrounding skin is kept soft and moist, making for easy and pain free dressing changes. There will be no instances of tissue damage on removal of the dressing.

As Novogel was originally developed as a wound dressing it can be safely used on open wounds which can be found in severe reactions.

Glycerine is a natural substance it is less likely to cause skin irritation or reaction. To date there have been no reported cases of any allergic reactions.

The dressing can be removed before treatment is administered and replaced once treatment is finished. The sheet can be wiped over with a damp cloth if required.

Novogel has been useful in the treatment of these conditions as its properties  help to relieve itching and burning

It has been found that if Novogel is used from the earliest possible treatment the reaction can be kept under control thus reducing the chances of the reaction becoming severe enough to warrant treatment being postponed until the wound has healed enough to recommence treatment.

Erythema is defined as inflammation of the skin within the treatment field of radiotherapy. The application of cooled hydrogel sheets i.e Novogel can be useful in this treatment

Novogel can also be used for bolus doses if required.