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There are several advantages to using a glycerine sheet dressing as opposed to a silicone dressing which is the most commonly used product at present in scar management.

As Novogel was originally developed as a wound dressing it can be safely placed on open wounds that are at risk for abnormal scarring thus facilitating early intervention.

 It can also be easily removed without any tissue damage. For usage instructions visit the cardiac liaison team at the Manchester Heart Centre

As glycerine is a natural substance it is less likely to cause skin irritation or reaction. To date there have been no reported cases of any allergic reactions.

 Novogel is kind to the skin due to the naturally occurring humnectant glycerine  which is present in a high amount.

 Glycerine based dressings are more cost effective than other forms of Scar dressings

Pressure ulcers

The advantages in using a glycerine sheet dressings in these situations are:

Novogel will not dehydrate the intact skin and the skin under the dressing will remain in good condition because of the 65% glycerine in the dressing.

Because of its fourway stretch lycra backing Novogel will dress those difficult areas with ease i.e. Heels, ankle, and sacrum.

Novogel can be reapplied to the ulcer if it is not saturated.

Novogel has a high humidity and oxygen transfer rate and can absorb 2.5 – 3 times its own weight in exudate without macerating the skin.

Novogel has pressure reducing properties, and shearing forces are to a large extent eliminated, thus reducing the risk of pressure sores.