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A solid state glycerine gel sheet
(glycerine in a cross linked polymer matrix) 

Secure with tape, elastic bandages, water barrier films, or surgical netting

Novogel may be cut to any shape or size to fit a wound

Novogel does not melt down, stick to or leave dressing residue in the wound

Novogel provides moist wound healing. Reports have shown the moist 

wound healing provides for better cell migration, granulation, epithelization and for improved wound closure

 Novogel is cool and soothing and offers comfort

 The dressing is approx.1/8 inch thjck and designed to provide cushioning and protection to the wound

. The gel is covered with a breathable ( oxygen and moisture permeable) four way stretch cloth which allows enhanced conformity and therefore greater Comfort

How to Use: Clean the wound site as needed. Remove the Novogel Sterile Dressing from the package and remove the plastic film from the gel. Apply gel directly over the wound . Note Dressing should exceed the wound by at least 1/2 inch around whole area. Novogel must be secured.
Securing Novogel: We recommend that the Dressing be covered completely with a securing device such as tape, adhesive stretch bandages or surgical netting. Alternatively a secondary waterproof dressing may be applied on over the dressing.
Changing the Dressing: Since every patient and every wound is different the dressing will need to be changed at different time intervals, depending on how much exudates is present.
Importance of securing Novogel: Novogel is mildly adhesive. A special feature of this dressing is that it loses its stickiness when it comes in contact with a moist area. It will only adhere mild1y to dry healthy intact tissue. 

When Novogel absorbs drainage it starts from the area of the wound then slowly spreads upwards and to the edges of the dressing. The stickiness of the gel slowly disappears as the dressing becomes full with exudate and no longer adheres to the skin that is why Novogel must be secured well.
Regular checks on the wound can easily be done by gently lifting one comer of the dressing then pulling the whole dressing back until the wound is visible. This allows complete and thorough examination of the wound with no distortion from the dressing and the true condition of the wound can be determined.
As Novogel becomes saturated it will look somewhat slippery and rubbery around the edges. This is a sign that the dressing needs to be changed always remove the Novogel dressing before showers, baths, swimming